lord I pray to you, who once hung on the cross,that my sin,s be forgiven,and past lost.that my heart be filled with your love, and to have love for my enimies too;o God forgve them,for they not what they do.in the midst of my pains,and sorrows that i cannot seem to bare,my friends and my love one,s,i keep them in my prayers.my enimies who do me wrong,i pray unto you o Lord,that i will sing a new song.deep down in my soul ,i cry unto you,that my sins be forgiven me,and my heart be true.I.am praying to you,of all i do share,help those lord who cannot help themselves.so as i neal,and bow my head,and give you all of the praise,thank you Lord for another day.O Heavenly Father,the words i do share,the fruits of your spirit i want to bare.so take me Lord into your care,O Hevenly father this my prayer.
  I was born in the city of Montgomery Alabama on the 12th of April 19 hundred and 59 being the first born from my mothers womb according to the biblical word of God chose first born to be consecrated and dedicated unto him anything that is first born into life belongs to him.  Exodua 13:1-2,11,22:29.  Num 3:13,40-41, 18:15. Exodus 13:1 says and the Lord spake unto moses, saying. verse 2 sanctify unto me all firstborn, what so ever openeth the womb among the children of israel,  bothe of man and beast.  It is mine.  I was born on a Sunday,  the Christian Sabbath.
and who I am is the mission and what is the mission? in the year of 1900 and 77,the 11th month and the 17th day ,I vandyke b howard experience a calling of God,the Lord Jesus Christ into my life.no more is it my life but Christ lives within me.in a small Church in san marcus texas,in tne church of God in Christ,at the altat call on my knees,i Got filled with the Holy Ghost,with the evendence of speaking in a unknown tongues as the Spirit of God gave me utterance.almost an hour on my knees i spoke in his tongue.it could have been longer than that ,for all i know:but i do know is this that after that experience,that i was change,i became metomorpous,my attitude was change,my personnality change,within that hour on my knees I was cocoon,i was being purge in his shell,his powerful hand was shaping me on his potters wheel.onece i came out of my crysalization,like a butterfly i was born again.i came out of my cocoon of prayer of speaking in tongues.i knew i was change,i knew something had happen to me,i was feeling different,everything around me look new.i felt Good,i felt lighter,i felt so light that if i could ,i would catch a cloud and go where my Jesus was.GLORY!GLORY!THANK U JESUS.I felt good,i felt higher than any weed or a blount could carry me.higher than any crack drug or cocain could take me.i became addicted to the love and Power of God.i stayed in the church of god in christ for some years,got baptize ad learn the word of God.at the age of 19,i was called into the ministry visiting divers kind of churches,and organizaion,fellowshiping and learning the word of God and doctrines,his laws,his comanments,his orderance,his lifestyle for me,his ways.i had been a member of the church of G od in christ,visiting many churches ,becoming a member of them,U P C, The church of A O H ,the church of O  L  J  C O T A F ,and other churches that i have not name.but all  was spirit filled churches, enlightment unto me thru leading of the Holy Ghost ,thru the knowledge of our Lord.after all that i have visite and after my years of experience and travling and living in new orleans a few years;some years in texas,visited some islands,and other places i have not named,i have come to know that JESUS CHRIST is KING OF KING AND LORD OF LORDS there is no other God.GLORY BE GOD,AMEN.                                   ( MY CALL INTO  APOSTLESHIP)                                                              
 it happen one day out of the burnig bush of the word of God,he spoke to me while i was in prayer and meditation and he said to me I have call you to be my apostle not by the will and knowledge of man,nor by his wisdom or enticeing words.for men donot know my will for men i have choosen you , by my words you shall speak uncomprimise.thus saith the lord.by  the anoited power of the HOLY GHOST. thru his word he has spoken to me, he also said unto me ,i will used you to plant trees in my vinyard in my garden all over this country,spread the word ,preach the Gospel,in season out of season,reprove,r rebke ,exhort  in longsuffering and dotrine.trees will be planted,seeds will be planted trees will grow,some plants,and some water,God I will give the increase only if you abide in me and my word abides in you,it will come to past.diver kinds of trees.big trees,little trees,out from these trees shall grow giants,colossal trees,trees of enormous size and shape,as the tree like the giant sequoia of california,beautiful trees and my trees  saith the lord,shall bloom and bloosom and they shall  show their richness in color,and it  shall be deep and solid.my trees shall be trees of strenght,trees of might,trees of deliverence,trees of healing,trees of the anointing power of the Holy Ghost.i will pour our my spirit upon my trees and they shall prophesy,they shall see vision,they shall dream dreams,they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall come out of it being victorious casting out devils,they shall be warriors of my kingdom  saith the lord God.soldiers  in my army.and the floods and the hurricans shall come,and the strong winds and tornados will blow,and the earth shall quake but only my trees shall stand,the rooted ones,the imbeded trees shall stand the test of time.they shall stand the cold when the freeze shall come;for I the LORD THY GOD shall protect them.during that time after God gave me that vision, and word from on high.he gave me the name of his church;the holy of holies temple tree of life faith christian outreach ministry inc.i was married at the that time,but the devil came in and cause havoc.i was going thru a lot of hurt and pain in my life at this time.but Glory be to God he stood by me,the devil and his emps was at me like ravening wolves.but God saw me thru it all.while all this was happening i was airing on the radio broadcast, ministering the word of God against the occult,idol worship,sexual idolatry,the works of the flesh.the  spirit of the lord God led me about  ministering in many homes after my broadcast against the pratice of witchcraft and idol worship.as i went about in certain homes a lot church people as i didnot know was caught up in the pratice.the  lord would anoint  me to do spiritual house cleaning (exorcism)the lord would open my eyes and i saw all kinds curse idols and curse artifacts ,such things as good luck charms,petagrams,such things as candle worship,books of witchcraft and occult pratices,love potion and superstious oils,crystal ball.palm reading materials,tarot cards,roots,powders and dust..the good luck candle,the get back together candle.the break up candle.other stuff that had to do with witchcraft and idol worship ,things as for buddah,krishna,statues of saints worship and other works of the flesh.u can check out  or order MY( BOOK ANGELS OF LIGHT ),in( THE TREE HOUSE )section page,it will tell u all about my experience.now as i stated before in all that i was going thru,the devil had knock me out,in a spiritual coma,i was out for the count,the spirit of the lord spoke to me in my coma state.you are not fighting against flesh and blood,but against princapalities and powers,against the ruler of darkness of this world,against spiritual wickedness in high places.I left the state were i was living.at that time my family had become broken apart,the ministry was hindered, broken up.and i became as one who  had lost his  corage,no one to talk too,no one to encourage me. i didnot relize at the monment what was taken place around me.i lost my family.i heard the word,but i didnot respond,my faith became wavered,in the process of time while the devil was knocking me around in my mind and emotions;i became a prodical son.living my own life ,doing what i wanted to do.i left my father house,i retreated from the battle field.my heart was still in battle but mind was confuse and deluded.i had lost my confidence,i was like someone who had lost his best friend.lonely in pain,cut up,badly bruised,i was beaten down,trotten over in my mind and feeligs,to me i had lost the battle.i had forgotten that God did say the battle was not mine but his.i was out for the count into a spiritual coma.i was here,but yet i was not here.didnot know where to go or what do with myself.i got involve into drugs,alcohaul,sexual idolatry.got involve and felt  inlove with a woman who was on drugs. something i didnot know anything about until i got involve with her.but i must say thank u Jesus!thank you Jesus!Jesus still had his hands on me,he still had his hands upon my life.he wouldnot let devil have me.he wouldnot allow the devil to pluck me out his hands.GLORY!GLORY!THANK YOU JESUS! I left the state where i was living.not knowing what God had for me.donot know what lys ahead on my journey,but i do know that God is not thru with me yet..            (MY TESTIMONY,THE NEW BEGINING)